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Eliminate the intricacies of your forecourt operation


Forecourt operators have to face the complexities of managing between a filling gas station, a convenience store and a dining operator. These include various pricing structures by grade of petroleum products and geo location, necessity of safety instruments at the pump, kitchen and menu management, and integration of the POS systems with the fuel pumps and back office – to name just a few. Technical tools just add to the mix.

Gas stations and forecourt operators often use multiple software solutions to manage all different sections of their business – one for retail management, one for the food service part and one for the petrol station. However, building, managing and running different IT systems in a single business is time inefficient and expensive; on top of that, there is the perpetual risk that integration issues between diverse applications might create inconsistent financial data.

How can you effortlessly run your forecourt business combining retail, food service and pump control – all in one single gas station software?

Comprehensive pump control

Boost your efficiency by gaining a full control of your pump operations from the POS. The system allows to authorize, pause, stop or lock all pumps. You can also choose to stop/release them in case of an emergency. LS Forecourt supports automatic reading of tank gauge information and manages deliveries, but data that is not automated –for example tank dip readings, pump volumes and delivery notes – can be easily entered manually by the POS staff. The highly-automated pump control speeds up transaction processing considerably.

Comprehensive pump control

Numerous types of fuel sales

Offer your customers immense flexibility with multiple fuel sale types: LS Forecourt supports post-pay (fill the gas and pay afterwards), pre-pay at the pump (pay first, then fill) as well as preset (set a quantity of gas or monetary value before filling). At the POS, it’s easy to offer refunds to customers who pumped less fuel than they actually paid for.
With LS Forecourt, all sales are conducted through the same Point of Sale. That means you can allow your customers to pay for their fuel alongside any other item – whether it’s a hot-dog from your restaurant, or a newspaper and chocolate bar from your convenience store – at the same POS, within the same transaction.

Numerous types of fuel sales

Flexible price management

Implement a wide variety of pricing rules across your organization with our powerful software. Head office can decide and modify prices centrally, for example for single service stations or for arrays of them. Gas stations can have different prices at different times of the day, or on across multiple days. Price changes can be scheduled ahead from the head office, so that they will go take effect automatically even if the station is unmanned.


Your forecourt business will boom with LS Retail

  • In-depth analytics

    Management can access a wide variety of reporting options centrally; check your sales and overall performance by shift, day, month, year, fuel sales, non-fuel sales and many more.

  • Wet stock inventory management

    Our system can automatically replenish wet stock basing on predictions (sales history) or stock levels. Orders can be matched to deliveries at head office or back office.

  • Tank gauge status

    LS Retail Forecourt system makes it easy and fast to check tank status such as fuel dip level, water level or temperature.

  • Full food service functionalities

    Centralize your kitchen and menu operations, create and handle meal deals and keep your customers in the loop with access to recipes and ingredient information directly at the POS.

Your forecourt business will boom with LS Retail

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