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As the world population lives longer, more people use medication and health products such as supplements during their lifetime. The global pharmaceuticals market is already worth US$1.3 trillion , and the figure is expected to increase dramatically in the near future.

The opportunities are great; but the pharmacy business is incredibly competitive. Drugstores must manage and distribute medical products according to many international and local laws and regulations. This means managing expiry dates and ingredients effectively, handling prescription drugs according to legislation, calculating prices and so on.

Pharmacy workers are also expected to give professional and sometimes even medical advice to customers and provide a fast and polite service. On top of that, margins on pharmaceuticals keep on declining, making the success of a drug stores dependent on a wise selection of retail items alongside medications.

Is your pharmacy ready for great future opportunities, or will you let your competition get ahead of you?


Customer Success Story - SuperPharm

See how Tenging helped SuperPharm - a pharmacy chain in Trinidad & Tobago transform their business. 


Structured data for better  medication handling

Manage medical products impeccably. Set up and search products or packaged items through different filters - from ingredients, ATC group, strength and classification to warning text, product description, quantity in a box, daily dosage and more.


Security and authorization system

The system features an advanced setup of authorizations for POS users. POS staff permissions can be defined in the back office easily. Set up limited access for some functions, based on user roles and permissions. For instance, admins can request additional login details, the use of e-signature with PIN code to perform specific operations or to sell specific drugs. It is also possible to define permissions for groups of users.


End to end customer data management

Access your customers’ order history and specifications at any time. If an insurance policy has been assigned to a specific customer, the system will take care of calculating the discount and final price for the customer. LS Retail Pharmacy solution also allows users to invoice insurance companies directly.


Unified Pharmacy Center

All your key functions to manage pharmacy business in one place. Check which orders are open and which ones are ready for pick-up at POS; print labels for the orders, including dosage instructions, warning text and more.

Furthermore, you can assign different permissions for head office and in-store Point of Sale, handle retails items, and finalize sales. 

Enable customers to checkout at a single grocery location with fast-track pharmacy orders, enabling orders that can be integrated in grocery store's POS.

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Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

This means pharmacies can use just one software solution to manage all their product sales, from pharmaceuticals to health to beauty, as well as bookings within the same software solution. Thanks to the automations, you can standardize internal processes and increase efficiency.

As a certified Microsoft’s partner, we will ensure smoot and hassle-free implementation of Microsoft ERP and LS Pharmacy solution for your business.


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Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Three Main Benefits of LS Central for Pharmacy

In this video, learn the main benefits of LS Pharmacy: from fast-track to drive-through; and take a sneak peek into the software front-end

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